“Je ne sais quoi!” in Old Polish …
… Gessler & Kondziela in kitchen!
To all of You who doubt that dreams come true!
Together with my long-time friend Robert Kondziela we have created a place where old Polish cuisine is buttered with a French Bon Appétit!
Warszawa Wchodnia is a 24/7 place where we express our culinary passion. The centerpiece stoneware is filled with traditional climate mixed with history and unique mood. This is the place where You will feel that good cuisine connects people.
You must pop in!

Warszawa Wchodnia is the creation of a duo: The maestro of Old Polish cuisine Robert Kondziela and “moi”, Mateusz Gessler, a passionate individual whose aim is to familiarize guests with the favorites tastes of France. I am an educated garden planer, but a chef and a restaurant keeper at heart. Although, I had not seen my future in kitchen, thank god, my fate tricked me.

Everyone knows that eating is a pure pleasure. Eating is equally satisfying as preparing dishes. Thanks to our “Self-cooking” offer, You too can prove your cooking skills. Just do as I do, cook with passion, follow your heart and share your happiness with others.

Dinner, a glass of fine wine or a shot of ice-cold vodka?
Do you want to cook with your friends?
You are welcome!